2012-01-26 / Sports

Racing Roundup

By Brad Vores

Before we start this week, it’s goes without saying that I am completely heartbroken on the passing of Joe Paterno, a true legend in our lifetime, on and off the field. As I stated last week, I took part in a rally to show support of Paterno at the board of trustees meeting this past Friday in State College. It was basically to put the message out there that we didn’t agree with their handling of Joe Paterno’s release as the football coach. Much support via cheers from cars, horns beeping and thumbs up all day long proved that many others supported the same feelings. And then on Sunday, the news we knew would come at some point came – Joe Pa had reached his final destination. He has left so many memories for me during my life and I will never forget the man who made Penn State what it is today. RIP Joe Pa. We Love you!

Selinsgrove Speedway released its 2012 racing schedule last week and it includes another variety-packed season at the big Snyder County oval.

The 358 Sprints and late models headline most regular Saturday night shows during the season but the 410 Sprints have several big shows at the track and the newly-formed Mach 1 Chassis Mid Atlantic 360 Sprint Car Series will have a handful of dates this season.

Selinsgrove kicks off Sunday, March 11, with the 410 Sprint cars, then the following weekend will host the 358 Modifieds and Big Block Modifieds.

The first Mach 1 series event will be on March 24 as the series will also see action on May 12, June 29 and July 29.

Susquehanna Speedway also released its schedule for the new season as the Saturday night track features 358 late model and stock car racing. Several 410 and 358 Sprint car shows are scheduled, including the opener on April 15.

It’s been kind of quiet so that’s a wrap for this week. Hopefully the weekend snow was the first and last for the winter season! Racing is just five weeks away! Until next time, email reaches me at Bvores@comcast.net.

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