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Needmore Volunteer Fire Co. Presents Awards

Strait, Stotler, Robert and Lisa Fleegle honored
By Jean Snyder

Dalton Strait accepts the Herb Fischer Memorial/President’s Award on be- of his father, Brian Strait. The award was given by NVFC Co. President Wavy Kirk. 
SUBMITTED PHOTO Dalton Strait accepts the Herb Fischer Memorial/President’s Award on be- of his father, Brian Strait. The award was given by NVFC Co. President Wavy Kirk. SUBMITTED PHOTO Needmore Volunteer Fire Co. members and their guests gathered at the American Legion in Hancock Saturday evening to honor their own for a job well done at the company’s 42nd annual banquet.

The company recognized its 2012 assistant chief lieutenant by naming Robert Fleegle as their 2011 Fireman of the Year. During the award presentation, Fleegle was recognized for following in the footsteps of his father and brother, who are also volunteer firefighters. Fleegle has been an EMT for 25 years. After moving to the area in 1995, he joined the company in 1996 along with his wife. Through the years, he has obtained 800 hours of certified fire training.

Fleegle has served the company as 2nd assistant chief and, in 2012, he serves as assistant chief and deputy coroner. Other awards

The Herb Fischer Memorial/ President’s Award was given to Brian Strait by company President Wavy Kirk. Kirk said, “It’s always hard to choose the person for this award because everyone I ask to help me always does.” She said she chose Strait because “no matter what time I call or what questions I have about business, he can always give me an answer.” Strait is a former president of the company.

NVFC Fire Chief JR Sigel presented the Buzz Strait Memorial Chief’s Award to David Stotler, saying “David does a lot of behind the-scenes work, anything from running calls to doing paperwork. He takes care of all the personnel training files, tracks call volume, equipment hours, man hours and the number of calls run by each volunteer. I’d like to thank him for his hard work and dedication.”

The Fleegles kept it in the family this year as Lisa Fleegle was named EMS of the Year, and was presented the award by last year’s recipient, Roger Black. Fleegle joined the company in 1979 and has been active as an EMT for 32 years. After being gone from the area, she returned with her husband, Robert, in 1996. She is an EMT instructor and successfully graduated the company’s first group of EMTs in 2011. In 2012, she serves as a company director and as ambulance captain.

Kirk also presented a Dedication Award to Denver “Buddy” Kerns, who joined the department in 1983 and became an EMT and a medic. She thanked him for his dedication and loyalty to the Needmore Volunteer Fire Co. 25-Year awards

Twenty-five-year membership awards were presented to Ronnie Buterbaugh, Connie Hamil, Troy Miller, Doreen Tritle, Ed Calhoun and Stacy Hill. Memorial service

A memorial service was held for Reed Lynch and Florence Crouse President’s report

Wavy Kirk discussed the year’s activities and reported accomplishments that included paying off two of the company’s loans and purchasing a car to use for medical assist, traffic control and errands.

She reported that the company posted income of $80,297.81 for the year and expenses of $54,621.01, finishing the year with about $25,677 in income over exhalf penses.

She said that a goal for next year is to buy a new piece of equipment and to computerize all of the company’s records.

Kirk will serve again as company president in 2012. Denis Strait will serve as vice president, with Mary Hann as secretary, Betty Strait as assistant secretary, Carrie Harr as treasurer, and Gerri Strait assistant treasurer. Ruby Barnhart will serve as chaplain, and Betty Strait will serve as her assistant; Donna Carbaugh as relief treasurer; Gerri Strait as assistant relief treasurer; Brian Strait as ambulance treasurer; and Buck Richards as assistant ambulance treasurer. The company directors are Lisa Fleegle, Coty Gregory, Denis Strait, Scott Barton and JR Sigel.

Fire chief’s report

Fire Chief Sigel reported the company responded to 280 calls during 2011.

Calls included: 66 motor vehicle accidents, 34 structure fires, 40 assists, 18 engine transfers, 34 public service calls, 10 vehicle fires, 17 trainings, 15 brush fires, 7 medical assists, 25 tree/wires on road, 7 automatic alarms, 4 water rescues and 6 flooding.

The company’s firefighters responded to calls in the following townships and other areas: Belfast (60), Bethel (92), Thompson (19), Taylor (1), Todd (9), Licking Creek (4), Brush Creek (13), Union (13), Ayr (8), Dublin (6), McConnellsburg (7) and assists for Allegany County (4), Berkeley Springs (3), Morgan County (8), Hancock (27) and Breezewood (6)

Sigel recognized the top-10 responders (with number of responses in parentheses): Randy Stahle (76), Terry Hann (77), Kirby Carbaugh (91), Bob Fleegle (93), Coty Gregory (95), Wavy Kirk (98), Wayne Dickey (115), Denis Strait (130), Justin Gregory (141) and JR Sigel (201). Four junior members, Candy Kirk (53), Justin Dias (63), Bradley Carbaugh (146) and Hunter Willey (151), were also recognized for their responses to calls. It was also announced that Willey will receive a $200 savings bond in memory of Destiny Knable, a junior member who was killed in 2010 in an automobile accident.

Sigel also recognized the Breezewood, Hustontown, Mc- Connellsburg and Hancock fire companies with mutual aid plaques.

In 2012, Sigel will again lead the company as chief with Denis Strait as deputy chief, Bob Fleegle as 1st assistant chief, Justin Gregory as captain, Terry Hann as lieutenant, Lisa Fleegle as ambulance captain, and David Stotler as ambulance lieutenant.

Ambulance report

It was reported that the ambulance made 243 runs on the emergency vehicles in 2011.

The company responded to calls in Belfast (57), Bethel (106), Thompson (18), Brush Creek (20), Union (15), Licking Creek (8), McConnellsburg Borough (7), Chambersburg (1), Harrisburg (1), Everett (1), Morgan County (1) and Washington County, Md. (8).

Calls by type included: medical (103), MVC (49), falls (11), assaults (3), psychiatric (7), cardiac arrest (2), expiration (4), fire/standby (29), public service/ training (29), parade (4), transports (8), transfers (5), motorcycle accidents (4), equestrian accident (1) and water rescue (1).

The top EMS responders were recognized, including: Lisa Fleegle (140), Stacy Barnhart (134), David Stotler (116), Wavy Kirk (86), Terry Hann (86), JR Sigel (62), Bob Fleegle (62), Eddie Barnhart (57), Scott Barton (34), Justin Carbaugh (29), Denis Strait (24) and Ronnie Powell (18).

Junior responders recognized included: Bradley Carbaugh (29), Hunter Willey (24), Justin Diaz (18) and Candy Kirk (13).

The company received medic assists from Company 56, 59 and 60. Air medical assists included Life Lion, Life Net 81 and Stat Med.

More than 130 company members and guests attended the banquet and awards ceremony. Lou Dennis served as master of ceremonies for the evening.

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