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CF Reveals 2012-13 Budget Draft

Hires grant writer
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

In acting on a short agenda last Tuesday, the Central Fulton School Board took official action on additional matters, including the approval of a preliminary budget for the upcoming 2012-13 school year.

Airing the first draft of the financial document, business manager Jolinda Wilson told the board and fellow administrators the numbers presented were “not concrete.” She added a lot of work is to be done until it’s ready for final adoption.

On a motion by board members Gary Shives and Dr. Brent Carlson, the preliminary budget was approved showing proposed expenditures at $12.94 million. The motion passed unanimously on a 9-0 roll-call vote.

According to Wilson and district

Superintendent Dwayne Northcraft, in order to have a balanced bottom line, the district has requested an exception from the Pennsylvania Department of Education that would allow the raising of real estate tax rates by two mills. The request has not yet been granted.

Northcraft and Wilson further said that the preliminary numbers are likely to change as information pertinent to state funding or revenue comes available in late February. The preliminary document currently includes “flat funding” in the areas of federal and state income.

A breakdown of the document shows that the biggest expense for the district is regular or basic education, which comprises 44.8 percent of the overall money expended. The next-highest expenses for the district are special education at 10 percent; debt service at 9.8 percent; operations and maintenance, 8.3 percent; miscellaneous, 8.2 percent; administration, 7.4 percent; student transportation, 5.7 percent; vocational education, 3.2 percent; student activities, 1.6 percent; and alternative education, 1 percent.

Looking ahead to next year, the administrators stated they anticipate their biggest increase in the budget to be in the area of pension costs. The rate is expected to jump from 8.65 percent to 12.36 percent, which would result in an estimated increase of $200,000 in pension costs.

Under school business, the board accepted a management discussion and analysis report as a part of its meeting minutes and as required by Government Accounting Standards Board Statement 34. In addition, the board went on to accept an outline of governance training through the Early Head Start as well as refunding applications and supporting documents.

In personnel-related matters, Greencastle resident Ginny Lays was hired as a grant writer. Lays will receive $5,000 for her duties, which will include applying for a competitive grant known as the Keystone to Opportunity Local Literacy Grant.

According to Superintendent Northcraft, up to 70 districts across the commonwealth will be funded through the grant. Central Fulton will be eligible to apply for $250,000 to $1 million, which would in turn be funded over multiple years.

Due to the “magnitude and extreme competitive nature of this grant,” Northcraft said the board opted to hire a grants writer for the time being. He deemed the district’s chances of receiving money as “50-50.”

“Our needs-assessment data indicates that our district can improve reading skills with the additional resources purchased with the grant money,” he said.

Multiple individuals were placed on the extracurricular activity scale for the current 2011-12 school year. Among those were:

 Donna Fisher, Shelly Mc- Mullen and Carleen Grissinger, academic awards, $278.33 each

 Susan Cubbage, high school musical set design/construction, $1,645

 Melissa Horton and Margie Sexton, high school musical costume assistant, $572.50 each

 Carolyn Kerlin, high school musical accompanist assistant, $1,345

 Nancy Shearer, high school musical producer, $2,345

 Noreen Mann, high school musical accompanist, $2,345

 Erica Sexton, high school musical director, $2,845

 Todd Green, boys basketball volunteer assistant

 Summer Weise, junior high girls volunteer assistant

Ryan Tunkel was granted authorization to take five members of the junior class to Franklin and Marshall College on February 5 at no additional cost to the district.

Meanwhile, Heather Walker- Strait, Josh Strait and Denise Mellott, along with SADD middle school students, will be travelling to the Hagerstown Ice and Sports Complex on January 28. The trip is at no cost to the district.

Misti Keebaugh, of Hustontown, was approved to serve in the capacity of an extended substitute for the elementary library position retroactive to September 27, 2011. An extended substitute, school guidelines state, is a teacher who has been hired as a day-to-day substitute to teach class for a certain teacher, whose period of continuous service extends for more than 30 days but less than 90 days. Keebaugh’s daily rate was $110.

In addition, McConnellsburg resident Kenneth Welsh will be serving as a long-term substitute retroactive to November 7 as his duties will extend beyond 89 consecutive days. Welsh will work as a math instructor/online coordinator for the Alternative Education Classroom. His prorated salary was established at Step 2 on the bachelor’s scale, which equates to $41,128.

In transportation matters, the board agreed to an addendum to contracted services for pupil transportation. The addendum will allow the district to seek liquid fuel reimbursement on behalf of its contractors.

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