2012-01-12 / Police Reports

Harrisonville Man Cited In DUI Crash

A 70-year-old Harrisonville man faces charges of driving under the influence in connection with a singlevehicle crash on Saturday, January 7, along Duvall Road.

John H. Hazle Jr. was travelling eastbound at 4:20 p.m. when his 1996 Ford Bronco went onto the berm of the Brush Creek Township roadway, state police reported. The Bronco travelled approximately 20 feet before crashing into a steel building with its front right corner. Following impact, Hazle continued for an additional 100 feet before striking the northern side of another steel building with its front bumper.

Hazle was not wearing a seat belt and sustained minor injuries. He was transported by Raystown Ambulance to the Fulton County Medical Center for treatment.

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