2012-01-12 / Correspondents' Notes


By Kate Berkstresser

For January the weekend weather was great. Hope everyone got out to enjoy.

Troy Miller will enter Back Country Bad Boys turkey hunting in Kansas on WJAL on Saturday, January 14, at 6: 30 p.m. This will be a halfhour show with kids featuring Chris Woodward and Zachary Miller, who will sing theme songs, as well as other participants.

Visitors in the home of Edith Gallaher over the weekend were her son, Steve Gallaher, and brothers.

Happy birthday wishes to Olivia Mills, January 11; Alexis Lupey, January 14; Aryanna Lupey, January 14; Bryce Kylor, January 16; and Robert Taylor, January 21.

Please keep Tracey Fletcher in your prayers. She is now at home after spending several weeks in Harrisburg Hospital.

Household Hint: Spot blotter. Grease spots on your favorite cotton dress or skirt? Take a clean powder puff or cotton ball and dip it in baby powder or cornstarch. Rub it into the stain. Brush off the excess powder when the stain disappears.

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