2011-12-29 / Local & State

New Year’s Eve For Kids

New Year’s Eve is widely known as a night of indulgence full of entertainment that is not particularly appropriate for young children. There's actually a lot of fun ways to get kids into the New Year's Eve celebration in age-appropriate ways.

Make a lot of noise with homemade noisemakers, pots and pans or pull-string poppers (if they're legal where you live).

Create a helium-balloon liftoff. Who says a ball has to drop at the stroke of midnight? Instead, launch helium filled balloons into the air to represent the strike of 12.

Celebrate midnight for a different time zone if the kids can't stay up to 12 where you live. Those on the West Coast can celebrate the East Coast midnight. East Coasters may want to celebrate midnight in England!

Make clocks the theme of the New Year's party or another appropriate theme, like Baby New Year. Decorate the house according to the theme and encourage everyone to dress the part as well.

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