2011-12-29 / Local & State

Jury List

The president judge and jury commissioners drew from the jury wheel the following names for the January 23, 2012, jury selection. Prospctive jurors need to report to the courthouse at 8:30 a.m. on this date: Corinne Annderson,

McConnellsburg Audrey Atherton,

McConnellsburg Charles Baker, McConnellsburg Grace Barton, McConnellsburg Aaron Bequeath,

Crystal Spring Mark Bergquist,

McConnellsburg Harvey Berkstresser,

McConnellsburg Rodney Bernhard, Needmore Fred Black, McConnellsburg James Black, Waterfall Serena Black, McConnellsburg Sherry Blankley, Warfordsburg Mary Books, Harrisonville Madeline Booth,

Big Cove Tannery Tammy Boyer, Fort Littleton Rebecca Brady,

Big Cove Tannery Andrew Bright, Needmore Martha Butler, Hustontown Laura Carbaugh,

McConnellsburg Echo Clippinger, Needmore Dina Clopper, Needmore Karen Crowder, McConnellsburg Kirk Cunningham,

McConnellsburg Lorraine Cunningham,

McConnellsburg Terra Daniels, Harrisonville Pamela Defibaugh, Waterfall Barbara Deneen, Needmore Lisa Deneen, McConnellsburg Timothy Deremer, Warfordsburg Donald Deshong,

McConnellsburg Mike Deshong, McConnellsburg Lori Dodson, Waterfall Lisa Doyle, McConnellsburg Jennifer Duffey, McConnellsburg Christina Fischer,

Crystal Spring Leehan Fisher, Big Cove Tannery John Foreman, McConnellsburg Shelby Foster, Three Springs Jason Fox, McConnellsburg Ruth Fraker, Fort Littleton Nancy Funk, Warfordsburg Michael Glenn,

Big Cove Tannery Diane Hahn, Crystal Spring Joan Harmon, McConnellsburg Carrie Harr, Needmore Fern Hart, Warfordsburg Cheryl Heinbaugh,

Harrisonville Earl Hendershot, Warfordsburg Martin Hess, Harrisonville Dennis Hill, Harrisonville Ethel Hixon, Warfordsburg Chelsea Hockenberry,

Hustontown Stephen Hollenshead,

Harrisonville Tina Hoop, Crystal Spring Frances Johnson,

Crystal Spring Mary Johnson, Warfordsburg Alice Kahn, Needmore Howard Kaplan,

McConnellsburg Donald Kioseff, Warfordsburg William Lake, McConnellsburg Chrystal Lashley, Warfordsburg Jane Lininger, McConnellsburg Karen Long, Waterfall Sherry Lynch, Harrisonville Jane Manley, Needmore Charles Mason, Warfordsburg Louis McCloskey,

McConnellsburg Kimberly McQuade,

McConnellsburg Linda Mellott, Big Cove Tannery Susan Mellott, Needmore Thomas Mellott, Needmore Connie Mitchell, Warfordsburg James Mong, Waterfall Glenn Morris Jr.,

McConnellsburg Scott Mosemann, Warfordsburg Estelle Myers, Hustontown John Needham Jr.,

McConnellsburg Robin Newman, Waterfall James Novak, McConnellsburg David O’Neal, Harrisonville Catherine Ott, McConnellsburg Helen Overly, McConnellsburg Laurince Owsiany,

Crystal Spring James Peffer, Robertsdale Thomas Petrini, Needmore Billy Ramsey, Harrisonville Tessa Rasp, McConnellsburg Shirley Ray, Warfordsburg Ruth Reeder, McConnellsburg Lennis Regi, McConnellsburg Jason Roman, Warfordsburg C. Robert Sain, McConnellsburg Alisha Shaw, Breezewood Duane Shives, Needmore Kassia Sipes, Harrisonville Donald Smith, Artemas James Smith, Big Cove Tannery Alice Snyder, Warfordsburg Rosella Souders, Needmore Holly Souders, McConnellsburg Linda Souders, Warfordsburg Carolyn Stermer,

McConnellsburg Sandra Strait, Warfordsburg Thomas Strait,

Harrisonville Craig Strait, McConnellsburg Dawn Strickland,

McConnellsburg Danielle Suders,

McConnellsburg Elaina Swope, Big Cove Tannery Wallace Szwydek, Warfordsburg Joyce Trail, Warfordsburg Terry Truax, McConnellsburg Karl Wagenbrenner Jr.,

Warfordsburg David Washabaugh,

McConnellsburg John Welch, Needmore Gregory Winfield,

Big Cove Tannery Betty Woy, Hustontown Louis Wright, Needmore Linda Yeager, McConnellsburg Travis Younker, Mercersburg Angela Zinobile,


Prospective jurors recalled for January 23, 2012, jury duty

Joanna Baker, McConnellsburg Carol Barnhart, Warfordsburg Cheyenne Eader,

Big Cove Tannery Kenneth Everts, Hustontown Michell Hann, McConnellsburg Benjamin Leese,

McConnellsburg Barry Mellott, Hustontown Donna Steiner, Warfordsburg Jessica Sward, Hustontown the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program. Thomas will continue participating in ARD for an additional 12 months as ordered by the court.

 Terrell Dawon Bass appeared in a court on a parole violation. Bass admitted to the violations and was recommitted to serve the remainder of a sentence imposed for drug- related charges. Credit was granted for time previously served. In other criminal matters, Bass entered a guilty plea to making false reports to law enforcement authorities. He was sentenced to 12 months probation and a $25-permonth supervision fee.

 Appearing in court for a parole-violation hearing, Brian Lee Rosenberry was recommitted to serve the remainder of a previously imposed sentence for driving under the influence.

 Nicholas Wayne Swope Jr. was granted a continuance until January 12 when he will reappear for a probation violation hearing.

 Justin Lee Thomas appeared in court last Tuesday for a motions hearing to set restitution in a 2010 case. The court ordered Thomas to pay restitution in the amount of $677.

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