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Med Center Gets Nursing Home Award


Fulton County Medical Center Fulton County Medical Center Fulton County Medical Center Long-Term Care has earned AdvisorMed’s 2012 Great PA Nursing Home Award. FCMC achieved this by demonstrating results that consistently exceed its residents’ expectations.

Fulton County Medical Center ranks within the top tier of all the nursing homes in Pennsylvania. AdvisorMed determines its nursing home rankings by using national standardized data, including information from CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) along with other data and consumer reviews.

“In achieving this award, Fulton County Medical Center has demonstrated its commitment to the highest level of care for its residents that goes beyond the typical requirements for most nursing homes,” said James Taylor, CEO of AdvisorMed, “I want to congratulate FCMC for successfully achieving these results.”

“With AdvisorMed’s Award, it shows we are making a significant investment in quality within FCMC. This recognition from AdvisorMed helps recognize our culture of excellence,” said Melissa Randler, nursing home administrator. “Achieving the Great Pennyslvania Nursing Home Award also reassures our residents, families and staff that FCMC is committed to maintaining excellence and continually improving the care we provide.” Fulton County Medical Center’s online review can be found at: www.advisormed.com/ view/ nursinghome/ 395387/fulton-county-medic al-center

This is the second prestigious award the nursing home has re- ceived in the last two years. This past January, the Pennsylvania Department of Aging and the Office of Long-Term Living awarded Fulton County Medical Center’s Long-Term Care the Excellence in Quality Care Award.

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