2011-12-29 / Family

Pittsburgh Man Tries To Keep Hungarian Traditions


PITTSBURGH (AP) – A Pittsburgh man says he’s trying to keep the tradition of Hungarian home cooking alive at a small restaurant, but it isn’t easy.

The homemade fare includes cucumber-dill salad, soups, homemade sausages, Transylvanian goulash, fried bread, stuffed cabbage, chicken paprikash and fruit crepes. Not to mention the nut rolls, poppy seed rolls and apricot rolls, all with jam fillings, made with a splash of rum. Experts say the cafÈ represents the changes that have taken place in Pittsburgh neighborhoods, and a new ethnic mix.

Even though the former Hungarian neighborhood is becoming more diverse, restaurant owner Alexander Jozsa Bodnar says: “ You don’t have to be pure Hungarian” to enjoy his food.

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