2011-12-29 / Correspondents' Notes


By Kate Berkstresser

Hope everyone had a very nice Christmas and the weather was nice. We hope all will have a nice New Year and a great year 2012 and, of course, we have an extra day next year since it’s leap year.

A good crowd attended the Christmas program at Knobsville United Methodist Church on Saturday evening. The young folks did a nice program.

Visitors in the home of Harvey and Pat Berkstresser on Christmas Day were Ed Keefer, Danny and Brooke Sheeder, Lloyd Covert and Kate Berkstrsser.

Visitors in the Kate Berkstrsser home on Monday were June Bennett of Carlisle, Barbara Torcaso of Harrisburg, Jackie and Ryan Berkstresser of Slippery Rock and also Harold Berkstresser stopped by on Saturday.

We hope LaRue Shaw is getting on the recovery list this week.

Happy birthday wishes to Eric Mellott, December 28; Joe Gress, December 29; and Courtney Schoen, December 30. Also belated happy birthday to Larry Barfman of Texas on December 25.

Belated congratulations to Joyce and Mike Lupey on their anniversary December 20.

We hope Ann Divens is doing much better and fully recovered real soon.

Household Hint: If you had a real live Christmas tree before destroying it, put it in the backyard for awhile and place suet and packs of bird seed on it to feed the birds this winter. It will also make shelter for them.

Happy New Year everyone!

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