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Highest Rated Health Charities Drunk Driving Fact

Health charities are a popular option for charitable giving. Millions of people have health problems, and those who have a friend or family member suffering from a disease or condition often make a particular health charity a priority when making a donation.

Although many charities are worthy of a donation, some are more highly rated than others. If there is a particular cause to which you'd like to donate, then do so. If you have not made a decision on the particular health cause you'd like to support, consider these top-rated health charities, as determined by Charity Navigator, a nonprofit organization devoted to helping charitable givers make informed and intelligent giving decisions.

1. Cancer Research Institute

2. Spondylitis Association of America

3. Mercy Medical Airlift

4. Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Research Foundation

5. Breastcancer.org

6. Organization for Autism Research

7. International Planned Parenthood Federation/ Western Hemisphere Region

8. International Myeloma Foundation

9. Starlight Children's Foundation Midwest

10. Spina Bifida Association

Many people mistakenly assume that New Year's Eve is the holiday responsible for the most drunk-driving accidents. Although champagne and other alcoholic drinks are often free-flowing on December 31, New Year's Eve holds a distant second place to Thanksgiving for the most drunk driving-related fatalities. This is perhaps because Thanksgiving is a family holiday, and many people often feel pressure to drink more when family are around to have a good time.

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