2011-12-22 / Letters

Voices Concerns About Speeding In Boro

To The Editor:

Just had to chime in on the speeding issue. How about the carwash? There is a constant stream of vehicles tearing in and out of the carwash lot to rip around town. Just yesterday I was taking a walk and someone in a pickup truck peeled out of the carwash and fishtailed burning rubber the whole way up 30 (in both lanes) into town past Fastenal.

I walk outside around town a lot, and I have actually witnessed two cars racing each other using both lanes of 30 out of town up past The Dollar Store. Another road used as a racetrack is the road next to Giant connecting 522 to Cito Road. I believe it’s Fulton Drive. Just stand outside on a Friday evening, and you can hear engines revving and driving at unsafe speeds all over town.

This is a town with a lot of foot traffic and very narrow streets also used for parking, and one thing I have noticed more and more is that people drive like maniacs around here with no fear of being stopped or of recklessly hurting someone else.

Kathleen Reimold McConnellsburg

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