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No More County Debt, Please

To The Editor:

We the voters of Fulton County have elected a new board of commissioners. The election should have made it clear that we were ready for a change. Our main reason for writing this letter is to let the public know that the new commissioners have up to two weeks after taking the oath of office to revise the current proposed budget. We are encouraging you all to ask the new board to take a serious look that they will curtail the ridiculous spending that has been taking place over the past few years.

Our county is in debt around $4.5 million and for what? A parking lot, some remodeling, geothermal heat that may not be working properly. We feel we taxpayers cannot afford to repay anymore debt. The new budget is proposed to borrow more than another $1 million for some more remodeling. Note, not new buildings, just making some things look more fancy.

In the real (business) world, companies and small business ventures take a serious look at what can we do to cut costs. Yes, you have to do some things that don’t make some people happy. Let’s consolidate some of the positions, lay off some staff, consolidate various departments. These things need to be done, even it means you may end up a oneterm commissioner. However, you must do what is right for the people.

We now have representation from the southern, central and northern parts of the county, and we feel that is good for everyone.

Between the county clerk and business manager we are paying them around a total of $150,000 or more, and we feel those positions could be somewhat consolidated. Please, new commissioners, try to stop some of the foolish spending. We also feel that the business manager should reside in Fulton County.

A few weeks ago it was reported in the news that even with nearlya1milltaxincrease,they were still more than $200,000 short of meeting expenses.

OK, new board, it is up to you. We certainly do not envy the task before you. All we ask is that you all pray and seek guidance before putting this county into anymore debt.

Please note that we citizens should not hold the newly elected board totally responsible for the current debts as Mr. Cutchall was appointed after most of the commitments to spend had taken place.

Respectfully yours,

Ronald L. Richards


David R. Wright


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