2011-12-22 / Letters

Asks Community To Complete Survey

To The Editor,

“Reaching Wellness” is taking shape in Fulton County. Fulton County Medical Center Foundation, concerned community members and various community-centered groups are supporting the initiative.

“Reaching Wellness” is an organization designed to offer activities to our community members of all ages that will enhance their health and wellness. Various community organizations have joined forces to meet these muchneeded goals in our county, as well surrounding areas.

A collaborative calendar of upcoming wellness events will be posted monthly in The Fulton County News or can also be viewed on the Fulton County Chamber of Commerce Web site.

The official kickoff will commence with a fundraising 5K during the Strawberry Festival weekend.

To help us determine the wellness needs of our community members, please visit http://svy.mk/FultonWellness to complete the survey.

Catherine Washabaugh and

Hillary Alexander

Reaching Wellness

Committee Members

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