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80 Years Ago

From The Files Of January 7, 1932


Llewellyn Watkins of near New

Grenada lost one of his pair of matching black horses last week. The horse was kicked by the other, received a broken leg and had to be shot.

Deaths: Achsah Shafer Gienger of Rochester, N.Y.; Mrs. Nellie B. Walters of Altoona.

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Barnett celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on December 20 at their home at Riverside, Everett.

Norman McClain, who runs the Stone House Farm near New Grenada, has a slaughter house there where he does butchering for his stores at Woodvale and Robertsdale. Last week, he killed eight hogs and three beeves and left them hang overnight. The next morning one of the hogs was missing, taken by thieves during the night.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gracey of new Grenada received a nice New Year’s gift when a new boy came to their home.

Another birth at New Grenada: a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. William Ritchey.

Private Bruce Kelso of Camp Hollabird, Baltimore, is spending the holidays with his brother, Samuel, and family at Burnt Cabins.

W.R. Amos and Mary E. Bailey were married Decem- ber 24.

Malcolm Lowery Cox and Nellie McIntyre were married December 24.

It is estimated that 500 deer were killed in the Buchanan District the past season, 150 of them on opening day.

Five persons were injured the last night of December when a car belonging to Fillmore Bishop hit a concrete abutment at the foot of Tonoloway Hill. The injured were three daughters and a son of Mr. Bishop and Millard Divel, the driver.

Clair Kenneth Decker and Kathleen Elizabeth Kendall were married December 31.

Sheriff-elect Roy M. Sipes moved his family into the sheriff’s residence on Monday. Glenn Yonker, the retiring sheriff, and Mrs. Yonker have moved into the Clarence Nesbit property on North Second Street.

Mrs. Amos Ward of Buck Valley is recovering from an attack of appendicitis. She is under the care of Dr. J.A. Watson.

Death: Florence Schetrompf of Buck Valley.

The Calithumpian Band serenaded Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Barton of Brush Creek last Monday night.

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