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70 Years Ago

From The Files Of January 8, 1942


Deaths: Irvin R. Brewer of Sylvan;

Mrs. Margaret Ann Gress of Mc-

Connellsburg; Mrs. Jessie L. (Deshong) Hess; Mrs. Elizabeth Alexander of McConnellsburg; Charles Barton Weaver of Thompson Township; Jacob Thomas Gordon of near St. Marie, Idaho, and John Franklin Wagner of Newville, Cumberland County.

Three local people were injured on Monday morning when the car in which they were riding upset after hitting an icy section of road on Route 16, east of McConnellsburg, as they were returning from their work in Mercersburg. Mrs. Marshall Helman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.C. Fields, received several broken ribs and a chest injury; Polly Morton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Morton, received a concussion of the brain; and Janet Clevenger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Clevenger, received general body bruises. The driver of the car, Carolyn Clevenger, also a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Clevenger, and Helen Harr, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Harr, were uninjured. Damage to their car was estimated at $200.

At the reorganizational meeting of the borough council on Tuesday evening, C.M. Bender was elected president for the next biennium, succeeding H.M. Elvey, whose term expired on January 1. At the same meeting, three newly-elected councilmen, Glen R. Bitner, R.C. Wible and William Hopkins, were sworn in and took their seats for the next four years.

Tire and tube quotas for passenger and commercial vehicles in each county of Pennsylvania for January were set last Friday by the State Council of Defense. Quotas for Fulton County are 8 tires and 7 tubes for passenger vehicles and 19 tires and 16 tubes for commercial vehicles. The tire rationing board of Fulton County is composed of Ralph Bergstresser, chairman, Samuel Simpson and Horace M. Griffith.

Rudolph O. Laidig and Martha E. Hoover were married on December 25.

The local Red Cross Chapter reorganized on Tuesday evening, naming these officers: J. Campbell Patterson, president; Miss Rhoda Kendall, vice president; Wilson Nace, treasurer; Mrs. B. Frank Henry, secretary; Mrs. Daniel Grissinger, assistant secretary; Walter R. Sloan, chairman of the executive board; Mrs. Wilmer Hays, head of the home sewing service; Mrs. Charles R. Spangler, head of the knitting committee; Mrs. Philip Ranck, head of home nursing; and Mrs. J.R. Guyer, chairman of first aid. At the same meeting, Dr. Edgar H. MacKinlay and George Grissinger were elected to fill vacancies on the executive board.

Hunter Fraker of Fort Littleton received a letter last week informing him that his son had come through the attack on Pearl Harbor okay. The letter said that the boy beside him had an arm shot off. A letter from Theodore Hamil informed his parents here that he had also escaped injury.

Lemuel E. Kirk and Helen Truax were wed Christmas Day.

To aid the national defense emergency, the local IOOF Lodge has made arrangements to collect wastepaper in the county. Frank R. Kirchner will head the drive and see that all paper collected is turned over to the Salvation Army, and the latter will see that the paper is used for national defense.

Although sugar supplies are said to be ample, unofficial rationing and restrictions began in many local retail stores last Saturday. The purpose is to avert a shortage brought on by panic buying.

Cpl. Charles S. Zimmerman and Dorothy Price were married on December 31.

Raymond C. Wible of McConnellsburg purchased the diner at the east end of town from the McCleary Oil Co. last week. The diner has been operated by Orville Taylor of Chambersburg for the past year. Wible will take over about April 1.

Fred and Mary Jane Hamil have returned to their studies at Catawba College after spending the holidays with their mother, Mrs. Robert Hamil.

Harry Oakman is now employed in Baltimore.

Fulton County has joined Franklin and Adams counties on a fire prevention plan recommended by the Council of Defense. Harry Elvey has been named fire chief for Fulton County and Jacob Clevenger as fire chief for Mercersburg.

Mr. and Mrs. Ned Knepper of Center are receiving congratulations on the birth of a daughter on January 1.

Death: John Shafer of Halfway, Md.

Miss June Schriver of Whips Cove fell on the ice last week and broke her leg.

Wallace W. Mellott and Iva E. Mellott were married December 24.

David Keefer, 64, Big Cove Tannery, was seriously injured last Sunday when he was hauled through the windshield of a truck which skidded on Tuscarora Mountain and crashed head on into a telephone pole. Taken to the Chambersburg Hospital, he is suffering from a cut jugular vein, a fractured shoulder and brush burns of the face.

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