2011-12-22 / Features

New Twists On Holiday Dessert Favorites

Getting your family to eat right doesn’t mean forcing them to skip dessert or forego favorite cakes and cookies. You just need to learn to prepare those sweets in better ways.

It’s all about making desserts that are wholesome and delicious, so your kids will actually eat them. A few easy alterations to your favorite holiday treats can make a big difference – such as reducing sugar or fat, adding fruits or swapping-in more healthy fats and grains.

Here are some tweaks for sweets that you can proudly put on your family’s table or give as holiday gifts:

Substitute: Replace ingredients with smart alternatives. Try swapping white flour with whole wheat flour in cakes and cookies. You can use two egg whites for a whole egg in most recipes, or dark chocolate instead of more fattening milk chocolate. Low-fat milk usually can be used instead of whole milk.

Reduce: For starters, serve-up smaller dessert portions. Plate a small slice of cake or pie with some fruit and your kids won’t notice the difference. Within recipes, try reducing the amount of sugar or butter.

Don’t Deprive: Most desserts add some fat and sugar into your family’s diet. Deal with it. Saying “no” will lead loved ones to look elsewhere for sweets at school or work. You can even indulge their urge for candy. Just be careful with portions and consider smart options, such as NestlĂ© Raisinets, California raisins drenched in rich NestlĂ© Milk or Dark Chocolate. They have 30 percent less fat than the leading chocolate brands and provide real fruit in every serving.

Add Fruits: Add fruits to cakes and pies, even as toppings instead of whipped cream. You can add apples or applesauce to most recipes without anybody complaining. And tossing in some berries or raisins will add antioxidants.

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