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Make The Holiday Season Sparkle Even More

The holidays are a festive time of year when people come together to socialize and recall good times shared through the years. At the heart of the holidays are moments for endless entertaining.

Delicious food and cocktails are prime components of the fetes and festivities come the holiday season. Food and drink is so important it can take a little creative thinking on the part of holiday hosts and hostesses to devise unique food, beverages and favors that will garner rave reviews from guests. With some easy ideas from Verdi Spumante, party throwers can put a little sparkle into any social event of the season.

Good things come in small packages

The bikini, the compact sports car, the miniskirt – despite their small stature, these things pack a big punch. When creating menu ideas, consider all of the foods you love to eat and then shrink them down to miniature. The fun factor of snacking on bite-sized burgers or diminutive doughnuts is hard to beat. Many stores sell decorative serving spoons, small ramekins and other inexpensive bowls geared toward miniature food service. Tiny tacos? Why not?

Favors are fantastic

It's the holiday season, which means there's even more reason to send partygoers home with a trinket or treat they can unwrap and enjoy. Though it seems everyone is downsizing these days, upsize party favors so guests can really indulge. The good news is upsizing doesn't have to cost a fortune. For an intimate soiree, purchase some keepsake ornaments and attach to a bottle of Verdi Spumante, a sweet and satisfying sparkling beverage from Italy. Give one to all your guests, and chances are they'll think you went overboard, but only you will know just how budgetfriendly this beverage can be. Boxes of chocolate, small gift baskets full of cheeses, or even packages of wrapping paper and gift tags make ideal favors this time of year.

Set the mood with music and lighting

There's something magical about the holidays. Maybe it's the chill in the air or the possibility for an aweinspiring spectacle just around the corner. Turn your home into a holiday wonderland full of twinkling lights, scented candles and mantles full of evergreen boughs as festive carols set the scene in the background. Even if the weather is brisk, tell guests to dress accordingly and gather outside around a fire pit or outdoor fireplace for hot chocolate and warm cookies.

Create dazzling cocktails

Most holiday hosts and hostesses like to serve a signature cocktail at their parties to set the mood of the event. When thinking creatively, there are scores of great cocktails to try. Available in four varieties, including Classic Verdi Spumante, Raspberry Sparkletini, Green Apple Sparkletini, and Peach Sparkletini, Verdi makes an ideal starter cocktail guests can enjoy. For a green drink that's tasty and festive, try an AppleVerdimosa. Mix 31/2 ounces Green Apple Sparkletini by Verdi with 1/2 ounce kiwi puree and a dash of cherry juice. To enhance the green color of the drink, add a drop or two of green food coloring for some festive fun! Place the ingredients in a shaker and shake. And when New Year's Eve arrives, ring in the new year with a champagne flute of Verdi in place of your usual champagne.

The holiday season is often brimming with parties, informal gatherings with friends and many other chances to socialize and celebrate. Ensure the festivities are full of sparkling fun this year. More cocktail recipes are available at www.verdispumante.com.

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