2011-12-15 / Letters

Unenforced Speed Limits Depressing

To the Editor

The speed limit on North Second Street in McConnellsburg is 25 mph. It is clearly marked and goes unchecked. I enjoy walking around town and encourage others to do so by taking young children for walks. It is very depressing that the speed limit is not enforced. I do not understand why for one mile going through the borough people have to speed and no one seems to care.

If one looks at the surrounding towns, for example Mercersburg, they have a subdued, pleasant quality and the speed limit is enforced. It is time for the borough, Chamber of Commerce, state police, county officials as this the county seat, and local residents who pay taxes to the borough, have homes and businesses on the main streets but are discouraged from walking and shopping by speeding and loud trucks to speak up. I am very grateful for the crosswalks that are in place in Mc- Connellsburg. Sure do wish there was one by the Giant. It would also be nice to have a sidewalk so people do not have to walk in the street on the way to the store.

I think it would be nice if the CEO of JLG would ask all the truck drivers and his employees to respect the speed limit and encourage quiet travel through the borough. This does not seem like too much to ask for just a couple of miles on the way in and out of town.

Charlotte Ford


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