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Efficient Heating Options For Fall And Winter

When temperatures drop, you may be tempted to blast the thermostat. But a high home heating bill may just be your motivation to explore more creative ways of being comfortable this season. Keeping your family warm is not a luxury, it’s a necessity, so don’t let the cost go through the roof.

Here are some tips to beat the rising cost of heating your home:

Wear a sweater!

It’s getting cold in here. So put on all your clothes…

Dressing for the season is just common sense. If you look more like a beach bum than a ski bum, of course you’re going to be chilly in fall and winter. Wearing socks, a sweater and long pants will go a long way toward keeping you warm, even in a drafty house. Afghans and throws are not only decorative additions to your living room, they’re functional ones as well.

Use zone heating

Maintaining toasty conditions in every square inch of your home is shamefully wasteful, particularly in a larger home that may not have an energy-efficient furnace. You can get warmer faster and more cheaply by practicing zone heating, which focuses on heating only certain areas of your home.

The first step is to close doors to rooms you aren’t using. Then let a wood-burning stove like the Grandview 230 from Lennox Hearth Products heat just the room where you spend most of your time.

“Zone heating is a great choice for families who want to save on cost,” says Michael Lewis, product manager at Lennox Hearth Products. “For areas where cord wood is available, a wood-burning stove can cut heating costs by more than half when compared to fuels like gas and oil.”

Wood is also a good fuel source for the conservation minded as it’s a renewable source of energy. And the process of growing trees reduces carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

More zone heating ideas can be found at www.lennox.com.

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