2011-12-08 / Obituaries


In memory of our daughter and sister, Amy Jo Chamberlain, on her 30th birthday December 9.

Your birthday is here once again, as it always is this time every year. Precious memories of you run through our minds once again. Emotions running high of sadness for not having you here with us to share our lives with anymore. Hurt in our hearts for the pain is still there, but eases with every tear we cry. Loneliness of losing you when we were not ready for you to go, and having our family chain broken. Emptiness of the loss of you, our only daughter and sister, Amy Jo, so precious, fragile and beautiful. But through the years we find comfort knowing you are with the Lord, high in the heavens above, and having a happiness beyond compare that only His chosen ones are humbly given. Healing of our hearts by finding contentment and knowing we will see you again in paradise. Knowing you are our guardian angel brings us calmness within our souls and peace within our hearts.

We miss you very much. You are in our hearts forever.

Love, Mom, Dad and Ryan

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