2011-12-08 / Letters

Support Needed To Prevent Possible FSA Closure

To The Editor:

This is to inform Fulton County residents of a proposed change that will have a negative effect on our agricultural community.

At a meeting last week it was made known that the Fulton County Farm Srvice Agency (FSA) office is being looked at for possible closure. It has been suggested that the necessary business would take place in Franklin County.

The Fulton County office is presently operating on a four-day week, every other week, with one full-time employee. We all are aware of financial cuts that are being made in the workplace and government. Farmers especially understand the need to make justified decreased spending. The effect on the agricultural community would not be without ramifications.

We now have an active board that makes decisions on the issues and monies that are appropriated. Fulton County FSA has been prudent with time and money management. To meet the challenge, the Fulton County FSA office has reduced staff and cut back in business hours. The loss of the Fulton County office has been thwarted previously. We need that support again with letters and calls from the community expressing the need to maintain our FSA office. No, it will not be as it was. Change is sometimes difficult.

We are willing to make concessions to continue the McConnellsburg office. We realize the importance to have an active Fulton County elected board. If we lose our office in McConnellsburg, we also lose our own Fulton County elected board. Depending on the possible districting, we could have only one member from this county serving. Our representation would be limited.

Yes, this is a challenge, but one that can be met with a positive outcome if given the needed support. Do not hesitate, your action is needed now.

Thank you for your investment in this matter. Together we can make the difference.

Deb Palmer

Fulton County

FSA Committee

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