2011-12-08 / Letters

Speeding In Town Goes Unchecked

To The Editor:

What is the speed limit in Mc- Connellsburg? Having a business on Lincoln Way West I daily witness cars flying into town from the west at speeds that approach 40 to 45 mph. If they see that the traffic light is green, they often actually speed up to try to make it before it changes. The last time I checked there wasn’t even a speed limit sign on the west end of town.

Heading out of town is just as bad. Drivers see the long, straight stretch of Lincoln Way West heading toward Scrub Ridge as an invitation to speed up as soon as they pass the traffic light. I recently saw an elderly woman nearly clipped by a car racing to get out of town. Five car and truck mirrors have been torn off in front of my business by vehicles having no regard for the streets of Mc- Connellsburg.

The end of the school day or the end of JLG shifts only compound the problem. And with the Medical Center moving to Peach Orchard Road, traffic is much heavier.

It’s time for the borough, townships, state police and highway department to get together and address the problem. Unfortunately, it will probably be another case of “pass the buck.”

Tom Duffey


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