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“Bah Humbug, Scrooge’s Christmas Carol” Presented


The cast of “Bah Humbg, Scrooge’s Christmas Carol” The cast of “Bah Humbg, Scrooge’s Christmas Carol” Forty- nine McConnellsburg elementary and middle school students in grades four through seven presented the pioneer drama musical adaptation of Charles Dickens classic on November 18, 19 and 20.

The story opened with Ebenezer Scrooge (magnificently portrayed by Logan Conner) as a miserly old man who believes that Christmas is just an excuse for people to miss work including his loyal employee Bob Cratchit (masterfully played by Kaleb Skiles) and for idle people to expect handouts. He doesn’t believe in all of the good cheer and charity that the season promotes, and he makes sure everyone knows it including the do-gooder ladies Polly, Winnie and Victoria (Macey Richards, Autumn Bailey, and Destiny Harlow-Eastep).

Scrooge is visited by the ghost of his former business associate, Jacob Marley ( wonderfully played by Dawson Will) – a man who was as greedy and cold as Scrooge is. Marley warns Scrooge that if he continues to live so selfishly, he will spend eternity wearing the chains that his greed has built.

Three ghosts visit Scrooge successively: the Ghost of Christmas Past (Brice Feagley), the Ghost of Christmas Present (Kaitlyn Sanders), and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come ( Cloe Richards). They show Scrooge his error in valuing money over people. Scrooge is frightened by the bleak picture of his life and the possibility of the loss of “poor Tiny Tim” (endearingly portrayed by Jonah Peck) and promises to change his ways.

Scrooge awakes on Christmas morning a new man. He becomes jolly and charitable, and truly turns into the man he promised the ghosts he would become. He carries the spirit of Christmas with him all the year round.

In addition to the cast’s main characters, all of the ensemble from the humble Cratchit family, the incorrigible Waifs, the Ghostly Goblins, the Shoppers, the enchanting Christmas Carolers, and the party guests to Fran (Aryanna Lupey), Fanny (Jenna Richards), Young Ebenezer (Damon Knepper), and Ms. Fezziwig (Jessica Stallman) should be commended for giving their best for the three performances.

Noreen Mann continues to provide a standard of excellence as music director. She and the orchestra (Barb MacDonald and Brice Wilford) came through as always with the most wonderful musical support. Noreen spends time with the actors individually and as an entire ensemble, teaching them to tell a story to audiences through musical theatre.

This was Hope Moore’s sixth production as artistic director for MES/ MMS musicals. Hope has also served as the artistic director for the summer community outreach productions since 2006 and has also served as director-in-training and as an assistant-to-the-director for the MHS musicals since 2004.

Susan Cubbage returned as set design/ construction supervisor and costume mistress. Sue and her crews including veteran stagehand Doug Seiders and Shawn Covert are to be applauded for their ability to make this classic story come to life through set, properties, costumes, and their ability to manage the actors and assure a smooth transition to the scenes. The stage came to life with the colorful array of characters.

Susanne Moore completed her fifth year producing the MES musical and she can be proud of all she did to make this production a success. In addition to all of her accomplishments behind the scenes, Susanne should be complimented for this year’s good box office for the three performances.

A job well done is extended to Cassie Wilford and Andrew Smith with his crew (Cody Parson and Alex Keaton) for illuminating the characters in a way that brought the story to life through lights and spots. A special thank-you is given to all the hard work of Brice Wilford, Brian Strait and Josh McKelvey for their support of the light board and green room audio/video feed.

Congratulations to Nick McClure, Ryan Chamberlain, Cole Johnston, Katelynn Mellott and Forrest Plessinger for their willingness to share their time and talents with the cast. As assistants to the director and music director, these young men and woman should be commended for the use of their gifts and talents to support the cast as part of community service and senior projects. The production was also fortunate to have several other faculty and students from MHS assisting with various duties that allowed the cast and crew to perform at a professional level.

In addition to the generosity of several local individuals and businesses, this project was supported by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency, through the Pennsylvania Partner in the Arts (PPA), its regional arts funding partnership. PPA is administered in this region by the Cultural Alliance of York County.

“ Bah Humbug! Scrooge’s Christmas Carol” is McConnellsburg Elementary/ Middle School’s 11th musical production since 1994.

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