2011-12-08 / Church News

Christmas Program

A Christmas program will be held December 18 at 7 p. m., at Pleasant Ridge Church of the Brethren, Needmore. There will be recitations by the children, followed by a play “The Christmas Prodigal. The play is a touching comedy, a modernday spin on the story of the Prodigal Son. After years of being over-shadowed by her pretty and over-confident older sister, Peri leaves home, taking the money from her college savings. Peri, once quiet and hard working, lives a life of excess, but finally realizes she wants to return to her family. A homeless man, who has more connection to the family than anyone initially realizes, urges Peri to call home. Humor is added by Uncle Marvin, the peanut butter king; Naomi, his factchallenged wife; and Benjamin, the obsequious boyfriend of older sister Ashley.

There will be a chour presentation December 18.

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