2011-12-01 / Local & State

FSA Loans Available To Fulton County’s Family Farms


Farm Service Agency (FSA) makes many loans each year to farmers who need a helping hand. Whether it’s a young husband and wife who are ready to purchase their first farm, a veteran farmer facing temporary adversity, or a farmer who has suffered from extreme weather conditions, FSA provides financial assistance that helps ensure the well-being of Fulton County’s agriculture.

FSA makes and guarantees a variety of loans for youths, new and experienced farmers, and producers undergoing emergency situations. FSA also provides credit counseling and supervision to farmers who are temporarily unable to obtain private, commercial credit.

FSA loan applicants are often beginning farmers who do not qualify for conventional loans because of insufficient net worth, or established farmers who have suffered financial setbacks from natural disasters or economic downturns. FSA loans are tailored to a producer’s needs and may be used to buy farmland and finance agricultural production.

FSA interest rates effective December 1 are as follows: EM (emergency loans) - 3.75 percent; OL (operating loans) 1.5 percent; and FO (farm ownership loans) - 3.37 percent.

The agency will work with you to analyze situations, provide technical assistance, tailor loans to meet circumstances and assist with credit needs. To learn more about these and other FSA programs, contact the Fulton County FSA office or visit www.fsa.usda.gov/pa. Or contact the Adams County FSA office at 717-334-4216, Ext. 2, and ask to speak to Richard Crouse, farm loan manager, or Emme Rickabaugh, farm loan officer, who presently covers Fulton County.

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