2011-12-01 / Local & State

Commissioners Tend To Regular Business Matters

By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

A bid-opening ceremony was held last Tuesday by the Fulton County commissioners regarding the proposed sale of used vehicles by the tri-county Area Agency on Aging. Agency Executive Director Alan Smith was on hand for the bid opening, which saw a total of nine bidders submit paperwork for four different used vehicles.

Sulli Motors, Gary Swope, Saxton Auto Parts and Ralph Varner were among those submitting bids as were Blairs Valley Church of God, Richard B. Lashley, Walter Aurant, John T. Vouch and H. John Beamer. The total of high bids was recorded at $3,619.98, and Smith was granted authorization to sell the used vehicles to the highest bidders.

In other matters, the commissioners penned a contract with Philip Harper to serve as the county’s conflicts attorney beginning November 22 and concluding December 31. Harper is slated to receive $1,800 in connection with his duties.

In related matters, the commissioners met with Fulton County Public Defender Tamela Bard and conflicts attorney Dwight Harvey to discuss his transition into the public defender’s position.

Carri Younker and Jason Shives were appointed to serve on the board of directors of the Fulton County Conservation District. Their four-year terms of office are slated to expire December 31, 2015. Younker was appointed as a farm director and Shives as a public director.

A memorandum of understanding was approved with the Area Agency on Aging for use of office space and occupancy costs in the Neighborhood Service Center building through December 31, 2013.

In a follow-up motion, Marian Sickles was appointed to fill an unexpired term on the Fulton County Library Board of Directors ending June 30, 2014. Sickles will replace Dr. Carol Copeland, who resigned from the board.

Paul Sigel, an adjoining property owner to the county, approached the commissioners last Tuesday regarding increased stormwater on his property. The stormwater, according to Sigel, increased due to the county’s renovation project. The commissioners informed Sigel they are working on remedying the problem through what will hopefully be a “short-term remedial measures right of way.”

EMA/911 Director Ruth Strait touched on the topic of hazardous materials. Strait noted commercial farms are exempt from hazardous materials planning. Furthermore, a number of counties have also stopped using the Cumberland County Special Hazards Operation Team (SHOT) for hazardous material spill cleanups. Dating back to 1994, Strait said the county has paid SHOT a $6,000 annual retainer fee. She will continue her research into other companies that provide related services.

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