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70 Years Ago

From The Files Of December 18, 1941


At the Lutheran Church on Sunday evening, 60 boys and girls will take part in a Christmas program under the general direction of Mrs. Paul Shimer. Others assisting in the direction will be Miss Mabel Seville and Mrs. Tad McLaughlin.

Death: Mrs. Nannie Brewster of East Pittsburgh.

Word was received here last week that Richard Kendall, son of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Kendall of Ayr Township, who had been employed at the Navy yards in Baltimore, received a call from the government to report, within an hour, ready to sail for South America. The nature of his new duties was not revealed. For some time past, he had been employed in Baltimore where he was helping to repair damaged British ships.

Mr. and Mrs. Max Sheets left last Sunday for a trip through the West, expecting to spend the winter months in California.

Only seven days remain until Christmas – which “may be the last Christmas of abundance in an America which faces a world war for the second time in its history.”

Rev. J.F. Sammel, pastor of the local Lutheran Church, was taken to the hospital in Cumberland, Md., on Sunday for observation, following a lengthy illness at home. Rev. Frank D. Findley, D.C., conducted services in the Lutheran Church on Sunday, and George Stoll will now be in charge of services during the pastor’s absence.

Mrs. Indiana Peck sold her household goods at public sale at her home on South Second Street last Saturday and will now make her home with the Tolbert family at Big Cove Tannery.

Walter Barton, 26, Crystal Spring, was the only hunter injured in Fulton County during the deer season which closed on Saturday. Last Wednesday, Barton was accidentally shot in the chest by a hunting companion while hunting with a party in Brush Creek township. Taken immediately to the Everett Hospital, it was discovered that the wound was not serious and that he would be discharged in a few days. Just before Barton was shot, he fired his own gun and brought down the deer the party was shooting at, an 8-point buck.

Charles Gienger, who held the lucky ticket for a rifle chanced off on November 2, presented the gun to the Warfordsburg Junior Rifle Club. This club now has two Springfield target rifles with Lyman peep sights, and the new rifle from Mr. Gienger is a Remington Fieldmaster.

Pvt. Lawrence Shimer, who is now stationed at Indiantown Gap, arrived home Tuesday to spend the Christmas holiday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Shimer. Sgt. Robert Lynch will arrive home Monday to spend the holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Lynch.

Alvin Peck of near town recently butchered a fine porker which dressed out at 600 pounds.

Official Army and Navy accounts now place casualties in the armed forces from Japan’s December 7 attack on Pearl Harbor at 2,897 killed, 26 missing and 879 wounded. Unofficially, estimates are that 49 civilians died, with no reports on civilians wounded or missing.

On Sunday, Mrs. Thurman Lynch visited her brother in Carlisle, who is seriously ill.

Little Rosella Pittman celebrated her second birthday on December 14.

Mrs. Roy Cutshall remains in a serious condition in the Waynesboro Hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Clair Kelso, formerly of Gaithersburg, Md., moved into part of Mrs. Lillian Fraker’s house at Fort Littleton on Wednesday.

J.W. Kline of Saluvia has purchased a purebred Angus bull to “head his herd.”

E.H. Berkstresser of Knobsville remains a patient in the Navy Hospital in Philadelphia.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Barton of Crystal Spring announce the birth of daughter number four.

Lamont Bergstresser of Waterfall is a patient in the Huntingdon Hospital after losing two fingers. No details are given.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sipes was a merry place on Sunday when Mr. and Mrs. Sipes and Mr. and Mrs. Herman Decker gave a wedding dinner in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Strait, who were married on December 6, and Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hess, who were married on November 22.

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