2011-11-24 / Sports

Keefer Wins Double Championship At Path Valley

DJ Keefer DJ Keefer DJ Keefer of Keefer Racing #40 was named the 2011 points champion at Path Valley Speedway in the 4-cylinder Thunder Car division for both the Friday night and Saturday night racing season.

Keefer was presented with a trophy and a championship jacket for both titles at the speedway banquet held Saturday, November 19.

The Friday night season was a tough one, starting out with some bad luck in the heat races that kept him from running in the feature races twice. Keefer was able to overcome the setbacks by showing up for every race and staying consistent in his placings. Keefer went into the last race of the season on October 21 with a six-point lead and held on to that lead to finish with 767 total points.

The Saturday night season was a little easier, with Keefer unable to run in only one feature due to a blown motor. He finished the Saturday season with a total of 562 points.

Keefer ran a total of 41 races for the race season, placing in the top five in all but five of these races. He had a total of 10 wins and 12 second-place finishes for the season.

Keefer’s crew chief is his father, Donald Keefer Sr., and he is also supported by family and friends who help with the car or come to the races to cheer him on.

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