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America’s Civil War Within

To The Editor:

Is it reaping time in America?

At the age of 79 training the mind to memorize is much more time consuming (difficult) than it was in years gone by.

One of the addresses we are now memorizing is the Gettysburg Address given by a man born on a farm in Kentucky. When he was 7 years old, the family moved to Indiana, in 1830 to Illinois. His boyhood was full of many hardships (note this well). He was able to attend school only a few months altogether. He had a small number of good books that he read again and again. He studied hard, educated himself, became a lawyer, a member of Congress, and in 1860 became the 16th president of these United States of America – Abe Lincoln.

What an inspiration for young and old today.

In Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address when we came to the part where he said, “Now we are engaged in a great civil war,” we stopped to ponder another type of civil war we are in. It is being fought in the halls of Congress; two sides divided against each other.

In one of my books where we find all the answers to life and beyond, we find this statement, “A house divided against itself shall never stand” (or nation).

Therefore I weep for America. Why?

Where are the statesmen of former years who were not afraid to stand for right, were not ashamed to pray on their knees, now condoning the moral decay within the ranks, allowing protest in the streets, youths shouting obscenities, showing no respect for law and order?

Yes, again, America is at a crossroad, a different kind of civil war within.

A Russian leader once said, “We can destroy American from within. All we need to do is get them involved in sports, sex and drugs.” How is that working out?

Let us weep for America.

Louis L. Wright


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