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Central Fulton Recognizes Garber

Served on school board since December 1977
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

Linda Garber received some long overdue recognition from both administrators and fellow Central Fulton School Board members last week.

In her final board meeting Tuesday, November 8, Garber was recognized for having logged 34 years of service as a school board director. Having been elected by local voters in November 1977, Garber was sworn into the office the following month and has been a constant force on the board until now.

In addition to her duties on the board, Garber has also served as Central Fulton’s representative on the board of directors for Tuscarora Intermediate Unit 11. Garber took her seat on the board in December 1987 and has been reappointed without fail through November 2011.

Garber told the “News” she had been among an active group of parents involved in a movement for instituting early education for students younger than a firstgrade level. Serving on a committee that eventually saw the creation of a kindergarten class, Garber was urged by then-administrator Bob Swadley to throw her name into the ring for school board director.

Torn as to whether she should became involved in the field of nursing or teaching, Garber said she felt her service as a school board director would allow her to still be involved in promoting public education while holding down a nursing job.

Changes at the small rural school district were vast and varied over Garber’s three-decadeplus term, but highlights included the concept development and eventual construction of a middle school; the creation of a K-4 program; increasing student achievement; and the planning and establishment of a vocationaltechnical curriculum for the county schools.

Garber stated she considers herself a proponent of public education and believes public education is for all children and not just a select group.

“I’ve always been proud of our school, students and faculty,” she said. “I think Central Fulton’s one of the best-kept secrets around.”

Planning to keep active in education through her involvement with the vo-tech’s Advisory Board, Garber stated she has always enjoyed working in different committees and with various board members.

“I’ve enjoyed every board member who I’ve served with over the years,” she stated. “ ... My time has allowed me to grow as an individual and matured my thinking. You learn you have to listen to both sides of a story ... while appreciating everyone’s perspective and still work together as a team.”

In other district business last Tuesday, the board followed the recommendation of its insurance carrier and approved several administrators to represent interests on area boards. As a result, middle/high school principal Todd Beatty will serve on the Fulton County Services for Children Board, while elementary principal Alicia Mellott is slated to serve on the Central Fulton Education Foundation along with building and grounds supervisor Brent Seville.

Furthermore, Superintendent Dwayne Northcraft will serve on a variety of boards including the Fulton County Partnership, Tuscarora Blended Learning Charter School and the Penn State Advisory Board.

The board conducted two executive sessions on November 8 related to personnel matters. Issues dealing with personnel voted on include the appointment of Russell Glazier and Kimberly Richards as elementary boys basketball coaches. Both coaches will receive $307.50 for the intramural positions.

Loy Garber was approved to serve in the capacity of volunteer assistant baseball coach, and Jeff Ritchey will be a volunteer assistant boys basketball coach. In addition, a split vote was rendered during the decision to appoint Robert Paruch as a volunteer assistant girls basketball coach. Those voting against Paruch serving as a volunteer coach were board members Ryan Richards, Hollie Garlock and Christopher Hann.

Numerous transportation issues were reviewed by the board, most dealing with alterations in daily rate payments. Route #013 contracted to Gary and Eileen Decker saw a minimal decrease in the daily rate from $244.75 to $241.77 retroactive to October 5. The decrease is linked to a drop in daily mileage.

An increase was authorized for Route #017 under temporary contract with Sandy Deck Transportation. The daily rate jumped from $137.39 to $175.39 retroactive to October 7 due to increased mileage from picking up an additional student.

A contract was then penned between the district and Sandy Deck Transportation for Route #017 dating back to October 17. The board noted Sandy Deck Transportation was the “successful bidder” with a per-mile bid rate of $1.19. The daily rate was accordingly set at $171.36.

K-4 Route #035 with the Deckers will see a decrease in daily rate from $67.78 to $64.55. It was indicated the rate alteration is effective retroactive to October 26 and results from the student in question going back to his former schedule.

The board went on to make changes to a daily rate for Life Skills Route #036 contracted to Lynn Reeder. The daily rate increased retroactive to October 25 from $79.85 to $85.52 due to the addition of another student on the roster. Furthermore, the daily rate will drop to $59.06 on Tuesdays and Thursdays only while Reeder is transporting another special-needs student.

In other transportation matters, the board agreed Shanese Armstrong, of McConnellsburg, and Mary Lindberg, Shirleysburg, are permitted to serve in the capacity of substitute van drivers for the 2011-12 school year pending the receipt of necessary credentials.

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