2011-11-17 / Features

Optimism May Improve Health And Success

People don’t often think about how optimism impacts their lifestyle, career and relationships. But a positive attitude can help you avoid stressful situations, maintain better health, and may even allow you to heal more quickly when you aren’t feeling well, according to some experts.

“Optimism and the desire to be successful are the basis for a person’s happiness and good health,” asserts Elena Korneeva, a psychophysiologist and author of the new book “Breath of Life.”

As a specialist, Korneeva promotes a happier, healthier life with these guiding principles:

Joyful inspired and outspoken people make great company. These traits will attract people to you in both professional and personal settings.

Laugh. People with a good sense of humor are the life of any party, at any age and in any social stratum.

One who can sincerely laugh at his or her own mistakes can overcome most difficulties. A sense of humor is a trait of a harmonious person.

Make an effort to truly understand and empathize with your conversation partners.

Don’t be afraid of situations that haven’t even happened yet. By avoiding fear of the unknown, you can better focus on a positive solution, rather than the problem.

Optimism and humor will make you a better parent. With these tools, your children will bring you joy rather than try your patience. Positive and creative parenting yields positive and creative children.

An integral part of success is a healthy lifestyle, absent of bad habits. Eat varied, small meals four to five times a day, get sound sleep, and take part in sports and leisure activities you love.

There are no boundaries or limits to your pursuit of self-perfection. Success is often very close at hand, but by emphasizing difficulties in our lives, we neglect to focus on our strengths.

“With optimism we fill our life with new meaning, and it helps us find a way out of a circle of troubles,” says Korneeva. “The key to happiness is in our hands.”

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