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McConnellsburg Borough Council

Boro Discusses Alleys, Requests
By Jean Snyder

Commemorative coins now available at boro office

At their regular monthly meeting last Wednesday evening, McConnellsburg Borough Council members heard a complaint from a Myers Avenue citizen regarding the opening of an alley and learned that their plan to have the Fulton County Library sell the borough’s commemorative coins has backfired.

A Myers Avenue resident appeared before council to ask that the entrance sign to an alley (North Fifth Avenue) be removed due to the fact that the entrance is very narrow and vehicles are driving on the resident’s sidewalk and yard. The council explained that the sign was not erected by the council and that the alley had been opened several years ago due to a request from the developer who was building the townhouses there. There was some discussion as to whether the alley was to be opened to all traffic or just for emergency vehicles and borough secretary Jack Fields said he would go back through the minutes and try to ascertain that. However, Fields did say that he had erected the street sign at the request of the local post office. At the time of the request to open the alley, both the borough and the developer agreed it would be maintained by the developer and not by the council. Council tabled the discussion until further information is available.

Councilwoman Pat Frazier reported that there was apparently some misunderstanding regarding the local library’s sale of the coins commemorating the 225th anniversary of McConnellsburg. Several months ago, council asked the library to sell the commemorative coins and said the library could keep any profit above and beyond the cost of the coins.

Frazier said that when she went to the library and asked about the progress with the sale of the coins, the librarian was under the impression that all proceeds from the sale would go to the library, and she said she had never agreed to pay the cost of the coins. Having sold less than 100 of the 500 coins, Fields said the coins were subsequently returned to the borough office where they will now be sold.

Old business

During old business, council reviewed an estimate from TMS to fix the borough’s portion of Cooper Lane so it can be maintained on the liquid fuels list of roadways. In order to bring the road into compliance, trees must be trimmed and four inches of compacted stone put down. The estimate was $3,750 and council voted, on a David Washabaugh/ Jim Smith motion, to proceed with the work.

Also under old business, council revisited its proposed zoning and land-use ordinances and decided that prior to enacting either, a workshop will be held in January to further discuss them.

Council members also discussed the fact that the drainage on the North First Avenue alley that runs north and south from Walnut to Market Street by the county’s Neighborhood Services Center has still not been remedied. Also on a Jim Smith/David Washabaugh motion, council voted to send a letter to the county commissioners advising them that if it is not resolved, the borough will contact its engineers to look at it at the county’s expense.

Council also voted to pay P&W $47,354.41 from liquid fuel funds for street paving as soon as PennDOT approves the finished work. Fields noted the cost was several hundred dollars lower than the actual bid.

New business

During new business, Fields reviewed correspondence with the council regarding EMC insurance company’s workers compensation insurance for the local fire company’s paid ambulance staff could increase at the end of the year. No estimate was given, however. Fields was instructed to pass the information along to Todd, Ayr and Licking Creek townships. The townships pay a portion of the insurance costs.

In other new business, council approved a request from the high school to hang a banner on the Fulton House advertising a play. They were given a two-week period to hang the banner above the borough’s anniversary banner.

Fields was given authorization to pay Conrad Sigel $2,475 for actuarial costs for the police pension fund. The cost comes out of the police pension fund, according to Fields.

Council also gave approval to a proposed 2012 budget. (See separate story in this week’s “News.”)

Regular business

During regular business, council approved payment of October bills in the amount of $14,304. Receipts for the same period were $19,687. Checks were written for $26,017 and the November 1 balance was $40,873.

Council members present were Travis Bard, David Washabaugh, Pat Frazier, Pat Booth, Rick Buterbaugh, Jim Smith, Mack Shaffer and Mayor Mike Chilcote.

Council meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the Fulton House. The next meeting is scheduled for December 7, 2011, at which time a final budget will be passed.

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