2011-11-10 / Local & State

Cards Of Thanks

BLACK I would like to thank the McConnellsburg Fire Co. crew on the scene, Cowans Gap ranger Ryan Thrush, Brandon and Alex (a couple camping across from us) and the staff at Fulton County Medical Center emergency room for all they’ve done. I would also like to thank those who sent flowers, cards and food and all of those who came out to the services. A special thanks to the staff at Fulton County Medical Center who were friends and coworkers of my mother, for all the kindness and respectfulness you’ve shown to her and her family. May God bless and be with you all. Tracy A. Black daughter of Patricia A. (Fraker) Mellott, who died October 21, 2011


Thank you seems like such small words for all the wonderful acts of kindness, comfort and compassion shown to us during Vincent’s passing and his battle with cancer. The generosity and thoughtfulness of my family and friends during this difficult time weree greatly appreciated.

I am especially grateful for my mom, dad, sisters and brothers for their continuous love and support. A heartfelt thank-you to my dear and reliable friends, Julie and Shirley. A blessed thank-you to Pastor Keith Clugston and wife Delores, your comforting council helped ease our mourning. Special thanks to Brett and Kelso- Cornelius Funeral Home for their caring and compassionate services.

Everyone’s contributions have been a tremendous comfort. We will be eternally grateful. Thank you and may God bless each of you.


Jacob, Amy and Layden

Laci and Makena

HANN I would like to thank everyone who came to help me celebrate my 90th birthday and also for all the cards, calls and gifts I received. Thanks to all of you who brought cakes and all who worked in the kitchen and served our guests and took care of the guestbook. Thanks again Russell C. Hann

MELLOTT Franklin Delmar Mellott and family would like to thank you for all the donations and gifts for the Kindred Spirits auction. Thanks to all who attended and helped in any way. The evening was a huge success.

SHIELDS/WILLIAMS Zella and I would like to thank first of all our Lord and Savior Jesus for His protecting power. We also want to thank all the good samaritans who came so quickly to our rescue and for the prayers of everyone. We live in a very special place. May god bless each of you as you have blessed us. Zella Shields and Carleton Williams

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