2011-11-03 / Local & State

Welllness Group Formed In Fulton County


The Fulton County Medical Center (FCMC) Foundation hosted an inaugural meeting of a new Fulton County Wellness Group October 27 at FCMC.

Thirty members of the community came to the meeting, including political, education, business and religious leaders as well as mothers, fathers, senior citizens and nutrition and fitness experts.

“It was clear from the attendance that wellness, health and fitness are at the forefront of people’s minds,” said Robert Roush, executive director of the FCMC Foundation.

Group leaders Catherine Washabaugh and Hillary Alexander made a passionate plea to those in attendance to come together and support efforts to create more activities and programs that will lead to better health for the community. Everyone attending was given the opportunity to express how they viewed their own and the community’s needs.

Roush kept track on an electronic marker board. By evening’s end, he had tallied 28 points, many of which were repeated multiple times by those present. The top three issues were identified as: 1) a safe place where children through seniors can participate in activities offered by volunteer “experts” already in our community, 2) the importance of sharing current space and resources, 3) the need for proper diet and nutrition because of obesity.

The group’s next move is to survey more residents of Fulton County. An online survey can be found at: http://svy.mk/FultonWellness. “Folks are encouraged to visit the site and fill out the survey,” Jason Hawkins, CEO of FCMC said. Three hundred or more responses are needed in order to truly be able to estimate what community members need and will support in wellness programs.

“The group will continue to meet and build programs,” Alexander said. “We will also be planning an awareness and fundraiser 5K event,” Washabaugh added. Community members are asked to keep watching for details.

“Right now, we are collecting information on all activities for all groups in the area, which we hope to post on the Internet in one place, and we are also collecting the names of experienced individuals in the community who can lead activities – everything from archery, to swimming to hunting,” Roush said.

To respond, or for more information, please e-mail rroush@fcmcpa.org or call 717-485-6842.

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