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Youth Football Has Made A Difference

To The Editor,

Picture a crisp fall morning in Huntington County with blue jerseys on one side of the field and red jerseys on another. Nerves are running high and all the hard work of the season has come to this moment. Today is October 22, 2011, the playoff game for the Fulton County Cowboys and Woodcock Colts. The outcome at the end was crushing for the FC Cowboys as they fell to their opponents.

My 11-year-old son had tears streaming down his face with his head hung low as he met us after the game. He was not the only player to look this way, for the 12- year-olds this was their last chance to make a statement to the community of Fulton County that this sport has made a difference to them.

This sport has made a difference, and I am proud to be a parent who has seen her son grow and love this sport over the past four years. There is nothing more thrilling than to see these kids put their hearts and souls into this sport, with the small hope that maybe someday they will be able to play past their 12 years.

I want to thank the dedicated coaches who have done an outstanding job with these kids. Most of these coaches have no children on the team, but show up with a passion to coach these kids and teach them this awesome game. The whole FC Cowboys organization needs commended for making youth football a reality for these kids who would never have the chance to play living in this community.

Please show support for this program if you never have and if you have – then I want to personally thank you as a parent. Watching my son play this sport has been awesome, and it breaks my heart to know that next season will be his last. Open your hearts to this and see what opportunities it could present for this community not just for football, but for everything that relates to the game.

Tina Feagley


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