2011-10-20 / Letters

No Justice For Tina

To The Editor:

Coming from a family member this letter might be taken with different outlooks. To let a person go with probation for helping her brother commit a murder is appalling.

I agree that it was her brother’s decision to commit this cowardly act, but it was also her legal obligation to keep the firearms out of his hands. This tells me you can break the law, help commit a murder and this is OK.

I want to know that if this would have been Judge Meyers’ daughter or granddaughter would he have rendered the same decision? I think not.

Did Judge Meyers look at all the evidence in the case or did he glance down through it at sentencing time, which is what he seemed to do.

So this means a young mother, sister and aunt died in vain and nobody is going to answer to anything.

Mitch Sipes


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