2011-10-20 / Letters

Keefer Verdict Unjust

To The Editor:

I cannot believe the justice in Fulton County. When Keefer had all the charges including felonies against her and can walk away with no jail time. She should have been charged with accessory to murder.

She signed the papers to keep the guns from her brother. She may not have been her brother’s keeper, but she knew exactly what he was going to do. Tina told me before she was killed Rick called his sister and told her what he planned and that all his papers and everything were signed, and she’d know where to find them.

Let the criminals keep their guns is what it amounts to since they can walk in and leave with them and not a thing is done about it.

They want the $100,000 bail money, which there shouldn’t have been a bail set. He should have gone straight to jail. Half the money should be put in a trust for Tina’s boys for pain and suffering. They not only lost their mom, but also their home. Until they are 21, the other $50,000 should go to the ones who do the PFAs. They are doing their job and helping the victims, but they aren’t getting much help from the justice system.

The judge wouldn’t go for lunch because he felt threatened by us slamming the doors as we left, but he can let someone go who has felonies and already broken the law. When he said what message is this sending to the citizens, I thought he would do the right thing.

I’m sure the verdict would have been different if it would have been a member of the probation office, council or judge’s families.

It says in the Bible to forgive those who have done you wrong. Tina told me this a long time ago about things in my past. She said it was the only way I would find any peace. I pray to God every night, but it’s going to take a long time, if ever.

Tina’s mom,

Judy Sipes


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