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In Praise Of Greener Pastures No-Kill Animal Rescue

To The Editor:

Last week I was presented with a very sad problem that needed immediate help. I am a retired Army veteran and spent a lot of time in Vietnam, so when I tell you that it was a tall order to fill, I mean it was serious.

We live in the mountains and people are forever dropping off their unwanted pets like trash. There was a very young, starved cat way up, about 40 plus feet, stuck in one of our trees, and I did not have the resources to get it down alone. I called Better Days Animal League, Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter, the local fire companies and the radio stations and no one would give me the time of day. The poor kitty was destined to die as it had been up there for about a week. In desperation I called my local vet, Dr. Carlson in McConnellsburg, to see if he had any answers. Luckily for the cat, one of his vet techs was a good friend and volunteer at Greener Pastures No-Kill Animal Rescue. She told me to hang tight and that she would call the founder, Samantha Frey. She would certainly know what to do. Amazingly, with the help of Randy Kohr, a volunteer at Greener Pastures, the cat was on the ground and safe within one hour. I’ve never seen anything like it. Randy used an extension ladder and pure grit and climbed to the top of this very tall tree and carried the cat back down to safety. How is it that one organization can do so much in so little time, all the other organizations do nothing?

This past weekend, I showed up at Greener Pastures unannounced to thank them and offer up a generous donation. What I found was as equally impressive as their heroic act of kindness with the stranded cat. Their rescue farm is not only beautiful and clean, but every rescue animal from the horses and other livestock to the dogs and cats are healthy and happy. And most importantly they are a no-kill shelter.

In closing, there has recently been some unfair publicity about Greener Pastures. As an animal lover and skeptic I researched all of this and found it to be nothing more than fabrication and tabloid journalism. I urge everyone to take another look at Greener Pastures and donate your time and money to this very worthwhile cause. I have changed where my animal rescuing donations are going to and so should you.

Don Garber

Fort Loudon

P.S. Kitty is now a happy member of our family. God bless you, Samantha, and your fine efforts.

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