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Central Fulton OKs Costa Rica Trip

Tables taking action on substitute LPN, school nurse rates
By Chanin Rotz-Mountz

Taking into consideration issues such as liability and the school calendar, the Central Fulton School Board gave a not-sounanimous nod of approval last Tuesday night for a student summer trip to Costa Rica.

Middle school teacher and organizer Kate Carbaugh was onhand for the discussion and fielded multiple questions regarding her proposal to travel with a handful of district students between June 18 and June 25. Carbaugh stated that in the event the district would not approve the trip, she would have to go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate if she was willing to do the trip on her own. She noted she would be fine regardless of the decision handed down by the board.

Board President Cory Gress asked the teacher why she was seeking the board’s blessing when the event is slated to occur during summer break and it in no way involved the district. Carbaugh said other schools, such as James Buchanan, have offered similar trips, and it helps having student involvement when it comes to scheduling and planning destinations.

Superintendent Dwayne Northcraft noted the district received a similar request for a trip around six years ago. International travel was a safety issue dis- cussed at that time. The decision was made to revisit the issue given the fact a new board of school directors was handling the district’s affairs.

Carbaugh stated she frequently receives offers from companies, and this newest proposal is the most cost-effective trip offered by the company. If the board delayed action, the rate was anticipated to go up. Coincidentally, the company came recommended by a staff member who worked with the company in planning previous French class trips.

She further said she has received a good reaction from the students, who could span the grade range of eighth through 12th.

“It would be nice to say it’s a school-related function,” she added.

With the conversation repeatedly coming back to the topic of liability, high school Principal Todd Beatty said destination companies such as these carry a sizeable amount of liability insurance.

“If we endorse it, we could be dragged into something,” Northcraft said.

Carbaugh concluded the trip has educational aspects as students are exposed to a new culture, the Spanish language and learn firsthand about beaches, volcanoes and jungles.

On a motion by board members Linda Garber and Eric Hollinshead, the Costa Rica trip was approved on a 5-3 motion. Ryan Richards, Chris Hann and Hollie Garlock dissented during the roll-call vote. Fellow board member Dr. Brent Carlson was unable to attend the October 11 meeting.

Other trips receiving a nod of approval were:

 2011-12 elementary field trips

 Ag science students to visit the state Farm Show on January 10. Cost to the district is $405.70.

 Ag science students to the Franklin County: Farm Industry Tour on May 3. The trip is expected to cost the district $307.50 and will replace a previously approved field trip to the fairgrounds and area farms.

 Sixth-, seventh- and eighthgrade students to Shanksville and Johnstown on November 5. There will be no cost to the district.

 Eighty middle-school students to the Hagerstown Valley Mall on November 5 as part of the SADD program. There will be no cost to the district.

 The Class of 2012 to Orlando, Fla., for the annual senior overnight trip on March 2-9. Speaking to the board on behalf of the class were class officers Justin DeShong, Dakota Deneen and Nick McClure.


The board agreed to allow small games of chance to be sold at school events. A small games of chance license is required in order to sell the chances, and it’s likely a nonprofit organization, such as baseball boosters, will apply for the license.

The board agreed to table taking action until December on an agenda item that would set the substitute LPN and substitute school nurse rates at $75 and $90 daily. Individuals currently serving as substitutes in these positions reportedly receive $90 per day.

Northcraft stated until the LPN is able to start, the district has been having difficulty getting substitutes. Local resident and LPN Heather Lynch countered she has been substituting almost every day for the school. She noted that even though school nurse Amy Elvey has more responsibility as a registered nurse, she has been doing the same work. Lynch added she saw 37 students in the high school last Monday alone.

The board did agree, though, to changethe job title of health room technician to LPN. Under questioning, the superintendent said the position has always been an LPN job and is just being appropriately named now.

The district will be hosting a “garage sale” on October 20. Items no longer in use are being offered at the sale.


The extracurricular salary scale was updated due to three additional positions being added.

In addition, several individuals were approved for placement on the 2011-12 scale. Those added to the list include: Brent Seville, elementary girls basketball intramural director, $615; Alicia Mellott, elementary girls basketball intramural volunteer director; Jessica Curfman, girls track first assistant coach, $1,895; Jeremy Hollinshead, second assistant track coach, $1,695; Greg Strine, choral and band director, $2,145 and $1,875; Cathy Richards, band and elementary chorus, $270 and $2,145; and Brian Strait, soundroom technician, $500.

Sarah Paylor, April Leese and Loy Garber, all of McConnellsburg, and Waterfall resident Deborah Cooper were added to the district’s professional substitute list after having completed emergency certification through Tuscarora Intermediate Unit #11. Board member Linda Garber abstained due to her connection with Loy Garber.


The daily rate for K-4 Route #035 contracted to Gary and Eileen Decker was increased retroactive to September 14 from $61.32 to $64.55. The increase is a result of adding another student to the roster and increased mileage.

In a follow-up motion, the board increased the daily rate for the same route to $67.78 effective retroactive to September 26. An additional student was added to the route’s roster.

The 2011-12 extracurricular activity contract was amended by the board. The amendment deleted the number of hours a driver can be paid for layover time on a trip.

Lynn Reeder’s bus Route #5 will see a daily pay decrease from $156 to $113.76 retroactive to October 6.

The board entered into a temporary contract with Sandy Deck Transportation of Harrisonville, which will be transporting students to Nulton Diagnostic Treatment Center in Bedford. Based on mileage, Sandy Deck will receive $137.39 daily retroactive to September 20.

Retroactive to October 5, D&D Transport in Needmore is slated to receive $15 daily to transport a student requiring a vehicle with a wheelchair lift.

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