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Local Author Writes Illustrated Christian Children’s Book


Holy Fire Publishing (http://www.christianpublish.com) has released “What Does god Look Like?” by Linda Fraker, whose illustrated poetry reveals God in the innocent faces of little children and loving parents and grandparents.

Fraker writes to inspire loving memoreis in each child and adult who reads “ What Does God Look Like?” Sitting on her Grandpa Gracey’s knee as a child in rapt attention while he read books illustrated with pictures of real-life people instilled a firm belief in Fraker’s heart of God’s loving care for young children, and later, inspired the inclusion of reallife pictures in her book.

Fraker says she always knew the Lord would use her to write children’s books. However, the inspiration to write a book came after age 50, one night last December, after she had gone to bed for the night. She says, “The title of this book “What Does God Look Like?” came to me,a nd I knew it was the title to the book I would be writing. So, I got up from my bed, grabbed a pen and notepad, wrote down the title of the book, and the rest just flowed.

Fraker sees ancestral traits, such as how her grandparents and great-grandparents dressed (as shown in the book’s illustrations) and the way they did things compared to today as being lost. Children today focus only on now, not on their family’s Christian heritage. And since so many families have both parents working, little time is left to share the values and life experiences of earlier generations, the hard work of chopping wood for the fire, the necessity of butchering the hog in the fall to ensure meat for the winter, or social activities centered on family and church. Many families are entertained by television, video games and computers, which may instill the wrong value sin children. Fraker’s book is her attempt to provide an opportunity to families to slow down, sit down together, and ponder God’s creation in the midst of hectic schedules.

Fraker grew up in a Fulton County Christian home not far from where she now lives. Her parents, Inez and Robert Gracey, reared her, a twin sister, Louise, and a younger sister, Robin. Fraker and her husband, Denny, live in Fort Littleton. They have a daughter, April, and son-inlaw Ryan. She enjoys fishing and other activities with her husband, and also gardening, photography and spending time with friends and family. The Frakers are Pastoral Care Elders at their church, Life Center Ministries in Harrisburg.

Fraker will be at the Fulton County Library this Friday and Saturday during the Fulton County Fall Folk Festival. Copies of “What Does God Look Like?,” which is illustrated with photographs taken in Fulton County by McConnellsburg photographer Lisa Clevenger, will be available for purchase along with chocolate- covered carmel apples.

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