2011-10-13 / Letters

Why Changes Are Needed To The USPS

To The Editor:

Shortly after leaving the Marine Corps in 1980, I was fortunate to be hired by the postal service. My career with the post office included being a city letter carrier, a mail processing clerk, window clerk, claims/inquiry clerk and a postmaster of a small post office just a little bit larger than Wells Tannery. I fully understand what the residents of Wells Tannery are facing, however, there is another side of the problem that has not been discussed.

The postal service is in the red for approximately $8 billion dollars for last fiscal year and without major changes in how they conduct business, they will eventually have to make even more major cuts just to survive. The small post office I was the postmaster of cost approximately $200,000 per year to operate with revenues of only around $70,000. Most of these costs were for the personnel along with the operating costs of the post office. When you do the math, it is just not practical to continue to operate these small offices. The postal service is also looking at major cuts across the board by reducing personnel by approximately 120,000 persons. Mail volume is down dramatically, largely because of the use of e-mail and paying bills online.

Lastly, what many persons are not aware of is if you have a rural carrier that delivers your mail, you can buy stamps, money orders and send packages through them.

Robert E Jones


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