2011-10-13 / Letters

No Help For Neglected Dogs

To The Editor:

I called Tracey Miller the dog enforcement officer about two dogs without license and rabies shots.

The recording said if it was a case of curelty, I was to call the PA State Police. They said they were going to call the Humane Society officer, and he would get back to me (never happened).

I have been trying since October 2010 to get someone to come check on these poor dogs. My stepbrother and I give a little food once in awhile. These poor dogs would have starved to death a long time ago. I have been to Friends of Animals Thrift Shop at the end of town a couple of times. They said they would get in touch with the Humane Society officer, and he would get in touch with me also (never happened). This was back in October 2010. I think the people of Fulton County should stop supporting them. I have. I will never buy anything from them.

Donald R. Buterbaugh


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