2011-10-06 / Letters

What Does Sunday Mean To You?

To The Editor:

Is is just another weekday or is it a day for peace and quiet; or is it a day to rest, relax, recreate; or is it a day to visit with neighbors, friends, family, et. al.; or is it a day to practice your religious faith; or to catch up on homework?

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has decided that Sundays are days that you would like to get out your archery equipment, firearms, etc., and with your hunting dogs, mentored children head to the woods and fields to pursue and harvest nature’s dwindling populations of wildlife.

This decision to add Sundays to the open seasons of legal game species was reported in the August 2011 issue of “Game News” magazine. The primary and major consideration in the decision to implement “Sunday hunting” appears to be monetary, i.e., income for the PGC and for commercial enterprises that support outdoor activities.

It was reported that PGC will pursue the Sunday hunting objective with the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

If your concept of “Sunday” (and appropriate activities) for the hstorically hallowed day does not agree with the above PGC decision and actions, your Pennsylvania General Assembly representatives might be interested in your thoughts and recommendations.

John M. Hockensmith


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