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Democrats Need Candidate With Better Ideas Than O’Bama

To The Editor:

It was good to see Paul spend his time looking for splinters in the eyes of the Republican candidates instead of helping Obama remove the plank from his own. Since there are nine candidates, I believe there should be at least two more installments of his indictments of why they are bad for America.

Rick Perry favors the death penalty, and Paul has a problem with that, although a fundamental plank in the Democratic platform is that Roe vs. Wade must remain the law of the land even though there is not and never was any basis in the Constitution for it. Democrats must be OK to approve the taking of the life of a baby, but Rick Perry is somehow evil because of the Texas death penalty.

I would like to see Paul’s critique of the Democratic candidates running for president. Oh, that’s right, there is only one, Barack Obama. It is too bad. If there were more Democrats running for president, then may be one would be able to do at least something!

Now I got the feeling that Paul is one of these folks who thinks that you really can sustain a world-class economy using solar, wind, etc., based on his single sentence about the evils of drilling for oil, gas, etc., out of God’s earth.

For a minute let us look at the solar farm going up in Ayr Township. I believe the News quoted 20 Mwt from 189,000 panels on 300 acres of land, if I am not mistaken. So how many panels and acres of land would it take to power Manhattan, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago? I will let the reader think about that aspect. Now these panels cause no environmental hazards, right? When you get a chance look into how they make them and what they are made from, I think you will find quite a bit of toxic waste generated in their production. In other words they are not truly “green.”

At any rate, I believe wind, solar and other alternative forms of energy are very well suited to homes, maybe office buildings, but factories, other manufacturing plants, things really that can grow and sustain an economy, sorry, the physics of energy conversion just are not there. I am very pleased with what the Ayr Township folks have done, and I think it is a big plus for Fulton County, so please do not misunderstand. I merely quote the above numbers and pose the question: Does anyone really, truly, believe we can maintain a decent standard of living and an economy using just renewables? By the way, they are not renewable. All the energy that ever was in the universe is still here, it is just in different forms. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, just transformed and no transformation process is 100 percent efficient, thus when people talk about renewables, they are pulling your leg. Nothing is being renewed at all.

In the energy business one thing always holds true, you do not get something for nothing. In some cases, like Obama’s prototype company Solyndra, you get nothing for something! But I am sure that was Bush’s fault too.

So I look forward to Paul’s next installments on the evils of the Republican candidates, but what I am more interested in is why anyone would really want to vote for Obama again and why Democrats have not mounted someone to run against him for re-election. Now that is a really interesting topic. Surely there have got to be some folks out there who have some better ideas on the Democratic side? Please tell me there are!

Dennis Mosebey

Emporia, Kan.

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