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80 Years Ago

From The Files Of October 15, 1931


While Mr. and Mrs.

Frank Woodall of

Needmore were picking apples in their orchard one day last week, their daughter, Charlotte, about four, was left in the care of her brothers, Harold, 7 and Junior, 6. Unnoticed, Charlotte climbed to a cupboard, found some matches and then went outside where she tried to kindle a fire. The brothers and a neighbor boy, Walter Peck, 6, were playing nearby and were horrified to see Charlotte’s dress on fire. With rare presence of mind for lads so young, one ran for water and the other two rolled the girl on the ground, tearing her dress from her. Instead of a fatality, Charlotte escaped with burns of the shoulder and arm.

Deaths: Lydia Ella June Hampton of near Mc- Connellsburg; Reuben S. Wible of Chambersburg.

Junior Mellott, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman B. Mellott, broke his left wrist when he fell from a swing at the local school grounds.

R.C. McQuade lost the end of his little finger in an electric planer he was operating at his home here last Tuesday.

A party was held at the home of Mrs. Catherine Vores of East Lincoln Way on October 5 in honor of her 86th birthday.

Russell Martz of Hustontown was threshing for John D. Rosenberry of Burnt Cabins last Monday when his threshing machine caught fire, completely destroying it as well as the Rosenberry barn and machinery.

Brady A. Ramsey and Gladys Foor were married on October 13.

George W. McKee and Viola Oakman Barnhart were married on October 10.

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