2011-09-29 / Letters

Obama Must Go

To The Editor:

An informed voter is the greatest danger to Obama and his liberal friends. The president is presiding over the destruction of our economy, our freedoms and the values and institutions that made America the best nation on Earth. His redistribution policies coupled with class warfare are designed to bring about his idea of a socialist utopia and fundamentally change the capitalistic economic model that built America. The government spending and borrowing are out of control and the tax system is a disaster.

Obama’s latest jobs bill (which still hasn’t been filed in the Congress as of 9/21) merely repeats the demand for more taxes on the wealthiest Americans who happen to be the people who create the jobs. The top 1 percent of taxpayers now pay 38 percent of all federal income taxes. Couple this with state and local income tax and Social Security and a host of other taxes and many people are paying well over 50 percent of their income to some government entity. Just how much is “fair,” Mr. President? Remember about 48 percent of the population now pays zero income tax. Class jealousy is not what America should be about.

Obama repeatedly mentions Warren Buffet supposedly paying less in federal income tax than his secretary but the comparison is invalid. Buffet’s income is derived from capital gains, which are investments made with income that has already been taxed. He could voluntarily take a larger salary and pay regular income tax rates or could certainly afford pay his secretary more. High federal income and capital gains tax rates impede economic growth. We have a spending problem in this country not a revenue problem.

Between his desire to raise taxes on job creators, hundreds of new onerous business regulations, Obamacare, the NLRB suing Boeing for building a non-union plant in South Carolina, who wants to invest in a new business or hire more employees? Meanwhile the Department of Labor plays fast and loose with unemployment statistics that are much higher than the reported 9.1 percent. Fewer available jobs and fewer people looking for work mean a lower reported unemployment rate but also a shrinking economy. In addition, the underemployment rate was 18.5 percent in August.

There is not enough space to cover the previous failed stimulus bills, bank bailouts, lack of sensible energy policy, amnesty for illegal aliens, man-made global warming nonsense, union bailouts, the intentional devaluation of the U.S. dollar that destroys our personal savings, phony spending cuts, the Solyndra debacle, the fast and furious gun-running program, General Electric and crony capitalism, the Light Squared scandal pressuring USAF General Shelton to change his testimony before Congress or Obama’s disastrously naive foreign policies. Any of the leading Republican candidates for president are infinitely preferable to the current occupant of the White House. Obama has been so destructive he makes Jimmy Carter look almost competent. The country cannot afford four more years of our current socialist-inchief.

Vincent Joyce


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