2011-09-29 / Entertainment

Certifications Earned By Mellott Company

In conjunction with the American Welding Society (AWS) Workforce Development Grant awarded to Greg Walters at Mellott Company and Elisa Ramsey, welding program instructor at Fulton County AVTS, eight Mellott Company employees received training under Ramsey’s direction to prepare them for the AWS D1.1 certification test. The certification required demonstration of a horizontal, single-bevel, groove weld, using the Gas Metal Arc Welding ( GMAW) spray transfer.

An AWS-certified welding inspector (CWI), George Seese, proctored the exam and employees Wesley Grimes, Donald Haines, Bruce Miller, Jason Myers, Paul Silvers, Dave Spence, Bill Trail and Dave Coleman who have all successfully passed and received their AWS welding certification.

Another phase of the grant includes third-year welding students at the Fulton County AVTS receiving additional training related specifically to Mellott Company’s recommendation. Five seniors interviewed and all qualified for the program.

Ramsey stated, “I am excited about the success of this grant – for the adults who received their certifications this summer, and the AVTS seniors who are on track to complete the program and test for their certifications in May 2012. The Workforce Development Grant has given my welding students excellent opportunities we would not have had without Mellott Company partnering with us, and we are grateful to have developed this positive working relationship. AWS has been instrumental in promoting our partnership.”

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