2011-09-22 / Letters

GOP Presidential Candidates’ Positions Scary

To The Editor:

By mid-September, America had endured 98 major natural disasters, double the 1990s yearly average. Droughts, floods, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, earthquakes – and at pretty unprecedented levels.

Eleven disasters cost more than $1 billion; total economic losses topped $55 billion.

Worldwide, by July 12, this was the costliest year ever, with $265 billion in damage, surpassing the previous record, $220 billion for all of 2005.

Not to mention human suffering and death.

Meanwhile, Republican presidential candidates believe that people would rather pay huge insurance premiums and lose everything, than pay one penny in taxes for clean air and water or alternative energy.

Rick Perry calls climate change a hoax by scientists seeking grants.

Ron Paul says Americans don’t need FEMA for disaster recovery and that we mostly don’t need government at all, preferring the Somalia nation model: a piece of land with people running around aimlessly foraging for food.

Michelle Bachman says the disasters mean God is telling us we need to cut spending.

I know, “God works in mysterious ways!”

But if natural disasters signify God trying to tell us something, it seems more likely that he might be suggesting we use our intelligence to develop the energy he gave us – sun, wind, water power, etc., instead of drilling the lubricants, rocks and gases out of his creation ... and burning them?

It scares me that these people identify with a major political party and are running for president! And it scares me even more that there is a core of fake pro-life, fake Christians, who applaud that Rick Perry has killed more people than the other 49 governors combined, believe that people without health insurance should be left to die, that God’s actions are a hoax, and that what God cares about most is lower taxes.

And they vote!

Paul Politis,


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