2011-09-22 / Letters

Fair Fireworks Damage Parked Car

To The Editor:

I am writing a letter because my daughter’s 2011 Toyota Scion sustained $5,504.09 worth of damage at the Fulton County Fair the night of the fireworks display. She was parked back by the Bi-Valley ballfield where the fire police parked her. When she came back to her vehicle it was covered with debris from the fireworks. She brushed it all off in the dark.

The next morning she went to the carwash to wash off what she thought was just ash. It, however, was not just ashes. There were burn marks into her sunroof and back slanted glass. It also was burnt into her black paint finish and a couple of areas had large scratches from where the fireworks scraped it on the way down.

I turned this into Phantom Fireworks legal department, and they keep telling me that since she seemed to be the only vehicle that sustained damage, she could have gotten it anywhere. They do not want to stand behind this.

I am asking for anyone else who was parked near there that evening and might have had some damage to please contact me. My phone number is 717-485-4454 (work) and 717-485-4675 (home.)

Monica Seville


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